grouting in kolkata


    Polyurethane grouting is made of PU mixed with accelerators grouted at high pressure in the concrete structures. It is effective in cutting off gushing water of high pressure and velocity. When used with uniform plastic packers, the grout materials react with water/moisture and expand to form a tough, closed rubber that remains unaffected by corrosive environment. This is most effective for water retaining structures


    Epoxy injection consists of a base component containing solvent free epoxy resin plus a low viscosity liquid hardener. Epoxy injection grout may be placed by free flow under gravity or may be injected using a suitable hand or mechanical pump. Grouting of gap dimensions 0.1 mm to 10 mm may be easily achieved. The systems give rapid strength gain obtaining mechanical properties, several times those of high quality concrete. The hardened grout is resistant to most chemicals, stable to sea water, petroleum product and resists freeze- thaw cycle.


    Micro cement is four times finer than the normal cement and has the ability to penetrate more in to the finer pores and finer cracks. M.C grouting is done with admixtures such as expander and vulcanizing agents. The grout is non toxic, odorless, pollution free, shrinkage free; thus can be used under any situation..
    Suitable for crack grouting of dam foundation, pouring underground waterproof curtain, foundation settlements in high way, bridges, airport run way. Micro fine grout can be used for increasing the load bearing capacity of the sub soil.


    Normal cement grouting is done for increasing the strength, impermeability of the RC member, reduce the porosity of honey comb members.